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Who We Are

Kulina is a high-vibrational family of holistic facilitators who hold a passion for wellness, healing, and overall health. Through a variety of in-office and in-home services, we aim to facilitate collective growth in the mind, body, and spirit.

The team

The Kulina Team


In Sanskrit, Kulina (Koo-Lee-Na) means “belonging to a good family.” We believe this simple meaning embodies the essence of our brand. Ultimately, our goal is to make wellness accessible to everyone, specifically through integrative massage techniques. We invite you to our community where you can connect, heal, and grow with other like-minded souls.


Joshua M.

Licensed Massage Therapist

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Committed to Holistic Wellness and Therapeutic Excellence In the realm of holistic health and wellness,


Joshua has carved a niche for himself as a passionate and skilled practitioner. Graduating from the esteemed Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy in 2021, he brought with him not just a diploma but a sincere commitment to the art and science of Holistic massage therapy. His journey into the depths of holistic practices began a year earlier, in 2020, when he earned his 200-hour yoga certification, signifying his dedication to understanding the intricate balance of body and mind.


Since stepping into the professional sphere, Joshua has demonstrated remarkable flexibility and adaptive skill set, working across various wellness environments. He is predominantly associated with a Forbes 5 Star Spa here in Colorado, a testament to his excellence and
commitment to quality. However, his expertise is not confined to this prestigious setting. Joshua has extended his talents to medical offices, providing therapeutic relief and holistic care to those needing more targeted interventions.


Understanding the diverse needs of his clientele, Joshua offers bespoke services that cater to both individuals and corporate groups through in-home and event-based sessions. His approach is deeply holistic, integrating movement and stretching into massage therapy to enhance the overall experience and effectiveness of his treatments. Yet, Joshua's adaptability shines through his capacity to switch gears, offering the gentle serenity of a Swedish massage designed to soothe and calm the nervous system for those seeking a more traditional
relaxation experience.


At the core of Joshua's philosophy is a profound belief in meeting people where they are— physically and emotionally- in terms of their wellness journey. Whether guiding someone through a restorative yoga sequence or administering a therapeutic massage, Joshua places immense importance on creating an environment of comfort and trust. His practice is not just about temporary relief but fostering a deeper connection with oneself, encouraging a path to holistic well-being. 


Joshua's unique blend of skills, coupled with his holistic approach to wellness, makes him a sought-after therapist for those looking to enrich their journey toward health and tranquility.

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