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Not your average massage...

We offer two different approaches to massage.

1. The Standard Massage

This is our al a carte option. No add-ons are included but you can opt for cupping, hot stones, hot towels, stretching, CBD rubs, for an additional cost.

2. The BERMAY Massage Experience

This custom massage experience includes all of the add-ons for no additional cost. Our specialists have been trained to integrate bespoke massage techniques tailored entirely to what your body needs, on said day.

No matter what you end up choosing we encourage you to sit back, relax, and let the experts care for what your body needs. (NPI number available upon request.)

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About our Massages

By combining various holistic therapeutic techniques to provide a deeply rejuvenating experience; we offer deep tissue, cupping, hot stone therapy, stretching, the use of a hydrocollator (hydrotherapy), steaming hot towels, & aromatherapy. The standard massages do not include these add-ons but our BERMAY massage experience includes everything.

Deep Tissue Massage 

The foundation of this massage begins with deep tissue techniques, targeting the underlying muscle layers to release tension and knots. This helps improve blood
alleviate chronic pain and promote muscle relaxation.


Book Your Massage

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In-Home Massages

Are you looking to book a licensed massage therapist for an in-home upcoming event, party, small gathering with friends, or a session for you and your partner? Fill out the inquiry form and we'll get back to you shortly!

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